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A writer, reporter, and communications strategist with more than four decades in daily newspapers and electric co-op communications, like many of his generation, Paul Wesslund never quite retired. His first book, SMALL BUSINESS, BIG HEART , an examination of what happens to a business when mutual respect and clear priorities are at its core, generates wonderful conversation about setting priorities, living with values, and how to create real balance in life.  Engaging, intelligent, provocative, and entertaining, Paul will make a great guest for your show. 



  • J. Griffin7/26/2020

    This is an inspiring story about a man, a woman, and a dream. That dream was to be in the... read more

  • djsteve8/18/2020

    This book is full of really great advice and information as well as being an inspirational tale. I have been... read more

  • C. Miller8/03/2020

    Small Business, Big Heart is an inspiring story of both restaurant owners, Sal and Cindy Rubino, and those they employed... read more

  • Tanya M KuhnBrunner7/19/2020

    Written by Jack EdwardsThe first reason I gave this book a 5-star rating is that it is truly an inspirational... read more

  • Roy10/01/2020

    Small business big hearts by Paul Wesslund is a very creative and inspirational book. The author brings out all... read more

  • Larissa G.7/16/2020

    A positive message of hope and perseverance. This is the true story of Sal and Cindy, a married couple who... read more

  • Abby8/02/2020

    Small Business: Big Heart is about the journey of two inspired people and how they started their own business to... read more

  • Alexander F7/22/2020

    I highly recommend Small Business! While the topic of small businesses isn’t something I’m generally interested in, Small Business reads... read more

  • Rei7/31/2020

    I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for inspiration and insights on how... read more

  • joe7/23/2020

    This little book is something special, a quick read that takes you on a journey of what principle, and standard... read more

  • Karissa Heard7/30/2020

    Small Business Big Heart: How One Family Redefined the Bottom Line, recounts the story of the wholesome humanitarian-like couple of... read more

  • Nikki Warren9/27/2020

    "Small Business Big Heart: How One Family Redefined the Bottom Line" by Paul Wesslund is a must-read for any small... read more

  • Jan O.7/19/2020

    Small Business Big Heart is a terrific read! Very well written and engaging, it tells the story of a family... read more

  • Nancy S. Grant7/19/2020

    Successful business owners don't achieve their dreams by magic. Hard work, difficult decisions, chance encounters, and deeply held beliefs each... read more

  • Diana Oldham7/15/2020

    For the most part, I enjoyed Small Business, Big Heart. I appreciate the way Sal and Cindy run the Cafe,... read more

  • Micki7/20/2020

    This book is a gift, a welcome encouragement to pursue principle-based business. For me, it's a tearjerker disguised as a... read more

  • Mohochi Tisian7/19/2020

    I found this book so helpful. It teaches good morals especially in the field of business. It has enlightened my... read more

  • Michael V.8/22/2020

    This book was an incredible page turner! Business Owners Sal and Cindy Rubino's restaurant business and Sal's Real Estate business... read more

  • Angelica San Diego7/18/2020

    The Cafe. A business plan .A small business and a twist on the traditional business plan. A beautiful message of... read more

  • Rob Cabe8/01/2020

    Small Business Big Heart is a great read. The first couple of pages make you think you're reading one book,... read more

  • S8/16/2020

    “Small Business, Big Heart” by Paul Wesslund tells the story of the couple Sal and Cindy Rubino starting their own... read more

  • Amazon Customer7/24/2020

    Paul Wesslund tells the story of Cindy and Sal Rubino through stories, examples and snippets of their lives as owners... read more

  • Taneem Sarwar7/28/2020

    A review of Small Business Big Heart (How one family redefined the bottom line.By Paul WesslundWhen I decided to read... read more

  • W L7/20/2020

    It makes us question our sense of superiority. It also makes us realize that going thru the zig -zags... read more

  • Chtistina Solus7/22/2020

    This book is amazing. I was starting to lose hope and then when I read this book it made me... read more

  • Melyne9/30/2020

    This book was very positive from the start to the end. The plot was amazing and the characters were great.... read more

  • Natalie Davila9/25/2020

    Small businesses make the world a better place. I have always had positive experiences with them. Each owner, each employee... read more

  • Michael E C Gery8/18/2020

    In their restaurant, Cindy and Sal Rubino don’t just prepare and serve good food in a delightful place, they attend... read more

  • Larissa Wang7/21/2020

    This book is truly inspirational work which features the story of how a family business blossomed into something more than... read more

  • Dey8/26/2020

    Wesslund's narrative was rich and filled with in-depth information regarding the trials and testaments one can expect (and endure) in... read more

  • Amy7/25/2020

    “Small Business, Big Heart” by Paul Wesslund tells the story of the couple Sal and Cindy Rubino starting their own... read more

  • Janelle Tornincasa8/07/2020

    Wonderful book. It was such a pleasure reading about the everyday practice of niceness and love. True love is when... read more

  • Jessica7/26/2020

    “Small Business Big Heart” tells the true story of a restaurant-owning couple, Sal and Cindy Rubino. Their Louisville, Kentucky... read more

  • Agnes Musee7/22/2020

    Sal and Cindy share their compelling story about how they started from the bottom and eventually made it to the... read more

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