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Paul Wesslund spent a career writing and editing for newspapers and in the energy industry. When he retired in 2015 he went on to write two books on how kindness and integrity leads to success, wrote a monthly energy column, became an environmental organizer, and got involved in the leadership of his church.

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Retrain your brain to be careful around electricity

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: “IT”LL BE ALL RIGHT,” OR, “I KNOW WHAT l’M DOING.” You know that something bad can follow either of these ominous beginnings. The bad things that could happen are at the top of the mind of electric co-op workers all across the state.

They know electricity can be dangerous enough to injure or kill. And you know that, too. But accident still happen. The goal of the story is to make fewer of those accidents happen, and maybe even save your life or the life of someone in your family.

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