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A writer, reporter, and communications strategist with more than four decades in daily newspapers and electric co-op communications, like many of his generation, Paul Wesslund never quite retired. His first book, SMALL BUSINESS, BIG HEART , an examination of what happens to a business when mutual respect and clear priorities are at its core, generates wonderful conversation about setting priorities, living with values, and how to create real balance in life.  Engaging, intelligent, provocative, and entertaining, Paul will make a great guest for your show.


Small Business BIG HEART runs the gamut of the small business life cycle. It is a soup-to-nuts (literally) primer on the ups and downs of small business management. As such, it is tough medicine for anyone daring to think of creating their own start-up. Given that, however, it provides a deeply affecting microcosm of how we as a society—as a culture—might live if we, indeed, saw everyone we encountered as a member of our own family. It does not skimp on the tough decisions that must be made to keep a business afloat—the “tension between compassion and the bottom line”—but it provides a template on how to “run a business with heart”—where everyone can be a winner.

Mike O'brien

This is what our world needs to hear right now. Small Business Big Heart offers a realistic and humanitarian way to run a business that can make the world better by offering a ‘hand up’ without sacrificing the profits. Wesslund’s finely crafted, enjoyably folksy story about Sal and Cindy Rubino’s restaurant business ups and downs warmed my heart and gave me hope that there ARE real and doable business plans to create wealth, health and growth while serving a great meal. And wait, there’s more! The inclusion of some tried and true recipes from The Cafe’ were ‘icing on the tall cake’ (make mine the Tuxedo cake, please)- thanks, Paul, for the whole package!

Ann Lahm

Talk about no judgment – I’m a firm believer of everything happening for a reason. Reading this was a perfect timing when nothing is going right.I didn’t think this book was so powerful and touching. From being a small family business called the cafe, to letting others get a chance to work their, the owner did not judge one bit. The fat that he gave all these people an opportunity to work when others wouldn’t even consider hiring them in the first place.

Jacqueline Martinez

Inspirational and Encouraging – This was a great read! It is refreshing to see a new perspective into small business management styles. It tells the story of bold decisions in uncertain times, something that we can all benefit from.

Sal Rubino

A heart for serving others – Ask almost anyone if they would like a do-over for 2020, and the answer would likely be a resounding yes. While do-overs are not always possible, second chances are sometimes granted to those who work at turning around their lives. Former Kentucky Living editor Paul Wesslund profiles a couple whose business was built on second chances in his first book, Small Business, Big Heart: How One Family Redefined the Bottom Line, (Highway 61 Communications, $15).

Penny Woods

An Insightful and Delightful Read“Small Business Big Heart: How One Family Redefined the Bottom Line” by Paul Wesslund is a reminder why small businesses are important. A reminder during the current pandemic that is timely and necessary, since so many small business are closing. Many are expected to be permanently closed. The contributions small businesses make a community are essential and vital.

Buster T. Flatt

Amazing read! – Highly recommend for all restaurant owners!”Small Business Big Heart: How One Family Redefined the Bottom Line” by Paul Wesslund is a must-read for any small business owner, especially those in the restaurant industry. Sal and Cindy Rubino have always dreamed of owning and operating a successful cafe.However, what it takes to be successful is mental and physical strength to overcome obstacles, and the resiliency to bounce back after setbacks and failures.

Nikki Warren

An Honest Story – Small businesses make the world a better place. I have always had positive experiences with them. Each owner, each employee takes their time to make sure everyone is satisfied (and more) with whatever service provided. And if there ever is a problem, they are quick to fix it and ensure it never happens again. This book dives into what it is like for a family to run a small business, the challenges they face wondering if it is really worth it.

Natalie Davila

Most Wonderful book – Wonderful book. It was such a pleasure reading about the everyday practice of niceness and love. True love is when a couple overcomes their obstacles and difficulties. Most people simply trade their partner in for a new one, like a car. The heart that holds on finds it. Most relationships have deal breakers. If you do this, I leave. Somehow that practice got into mainstream life and relationships.

Janelle Tornincasa

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We’re told that to succeed you have to be tough. But there’s better way. Compassion, community, giving second chances, and listening to others actually works in life and in business. Small Business, Big Heart tells the inspirational story of Sal and Cindy Rubino, restaurant owners whose marriage was nearly destroyed by that brutal business.

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