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Small Business, Big Heart​

How One Family Redefined The Bottom Line

So often business books tell us about how to earn more, how to make our businesses more profitable, how to become more influential.  Seldom do they address the small business and its impact on the life of its owners and those they employ.

There are almost 30 million small businesses in the United States, employing over 56 million people, or 57 percent of people who work in the private sector. For the small business owner – for any business owner – life balance can be elusive. Too often family and relationships suffer as we pursue a career, letting workplace demands take precedence over all else.

Small Business, Big Heart is about a couple who, like many of us, lost their balance. But it is what they did next that makes their story inspiring. Read More 

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About Paul Wesslund

Paul Wesslund has led a full life.  A writer and communications strategist with more than four decades in daily newspapers and electric co-op communications, he is also a husband and father. And like many of his generation, he is a retiree who never quite retired.

After retiring in 2015 as the vice president for communications and editor of Kentucky Living – a position he had held since September 1995 – in 2016 Wesslund created Highway 61 Communications, LLC through which he writes about energy and other subjects, consults on communications strategy, and advocates for the profession of co-op communications. 

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