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Paul Wesslund spent a career writing and editing for newspapers and in the energy industry. When he retired in 2015 he went on to write two books on how kindness and integrity leads to success, wrote a monthly energy column, became an environmental organizer, and got involved in the leadership of his church.

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The court’s ruling on climate change doesn’t consider the climate

A tale of two cities can be told about last month’s U.S. Supreme Court decision throwing out the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to protect the environment from global warming.

It’s the worst of times in Washington, D.C. The Supreme Court’s June 30 decision rejecting the EPA’s plan to reduce global warming has rightfully received a lot of media attention. But the most stunning feature of the 31-page opinion has barely been mentioned—in this landmark case about what scientists agree is a worldwide catastrophe, there is not a single mention of the threats posed by climate change. The words “global” and “warming” don’t appear in the opinion at all. The word “climate” appears six times, but only as part of quotations from earlier judicial rulings and regulations.

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